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New Dalhem Castle

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Dalhem Castle, locally known as Château de Dalhem, lies in the center of the town of Dalhem, in the Liège province in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Dalhem Castle may look as if it has medieval origins but that is a false impression. It was built somewhere in the 17th century, probably after the destruction of the old Dalhem Castle nearby, in a local architectural style known as Mosan Renaissance.

In 1912 it was the residence of Henri Francotte, the mayor of Dalhem. Later it was also known as Maison de la Charité, which translates to House of Charity. I also came across an old postcard where it was called Cromwez Castle or Château de Cromwez.

I don’t have any more historical information about this castle. If you know more; please mail me.

At present Dalhem Castle is used for recreational purposes and can only be visited as a guest. It is nice but nothing more. Its charm is that you can view it and its direct predecessor; the old Dalhem Castle, in the same town.

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