Feluy Castle

Feluy Castle

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Feluy Castle

Feluy Castle, locally known as Château-fort de Feluy, lies in the village of the same name, in the province of Hainaut in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Feluy Castle was built in the 1380’s on the orders of Eustache de Bousies, probably on the site of an earlier fortification. In 1489 it was besieged and taken by the troops of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, led by Albert III, Duke of Saxony.

The castle remained however in the hands of the De Bousies family until 1548. Then it went to the Rubempré family through marriage. In 1576 it went to the De Renesse family through inheritance. Because of the damages the castle had suffered during the wars in the 16th century, René de Renesse rebuilt the castle in 1615. The De Renesse family owned Feluy Castle until 1658. Then Feluy Castle went to the De Berghes family through marriage.

During the Franco-Dutch War, in 1674, William III of Orange and his troops camped at the castle before the Battle of Seneffe. During the Nine Years’ War the castle was taken multiple times by French troops. In 1692 the Duke of Luxembourg set up headquarters in Feluy Castle and later pillaged it. After that the castle switched hands between the wars’ adversaries multiple times.

In 1720 the last of the De Berghes died and Feluy Castle was inherited by the d’Albert family. In 1774 the castle was acquired by the Countess  d’Isendoorn à Blois. By then the castle was devastated by the wars and the soldiers that had been garrisoned there. She had the castle completely rebuilt. From the moated polygonal medieval castle only the gate tower, part of a corner tower and the curtain wall between them remained. She had a new mansion built on the castle island in 1777.

Several other owners followed but by 1972 the castle was in a state of dilapidation. A thorough restoration followed.

At present Feluy Castle is used for cultural purposes and weddings. A nice mix of a medieval castle and an 18th century chateau.

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