Falnuée Castle

Falnuée Castle

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Falnuée Castle

Falnuée Castle, locally known as Château-ferme de Falnuée, lies south of the village of Mazy, in the province of Namur in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Falnuée Castle started out as just a square keep, serving as a watchtower, in the valley of the Orneau river. It was probably built around 1285 but only first mentioned in 1343. Then it was held in fief by Henri de Falnuée from the Count of Namur; William I. It protected Namur’s border with the Duchy of Brabant, together with nearby Mielmont Castle and Villeret Tower.

In 1456, a bastard of William I; Jean, took over the fief by force. His descendants then held possession of it until the mid-17th century. From then on several families followed who owned or were ceded the castle, until the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. The last Lord of Falnuée was a General-Major Albert-Eugene de Meldeman who died in 1814. From then on the castle became purely a farm.

In 1987 the castle farm was bought and turned into an 18-hole golf club.

At present the buildings of the castle farm are all used by the golf club. It can of course be visited as a guest of the golf club. The square keep stands empty. A nice little castle complex.

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