Dalhem Castle

Dalhem Castle

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Dalhem Castle

Dalhem Castle, locally known as Ancien Chateau Comtal de Dalhem which translates to Old Castle of the Counts of Dalhem, lies in the center of the town of Dalhem, in the Liège province in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Dalhem Castle was built between 1076 and 1080, on a rock between the valleys of the rivers Berwinne and Bolland, by the Palatine Count Hermann II. Its purpose was to control the roads on the right bank of the Meuse river leading to Maastricht, Tongres, Liège, Huy and Aachen. From then on the County of Dalhem developed through usurpations mainly at the expense of the Duchy of Limbourg.

In 1648 Dalhem Castle was stormed and destroyed by Dutch soldiers after which it fell to ruin.

The only thing remaining of this old castle is a large wall part. The former site of the castle is now occupied by a modern house and a garden.

At present the remains of Dalhem Castle are private property and can not be visited. Not a very spectacular castle but more for fanatics like me 😉 Its successor; the new Dalhem Castle, lies nearby.

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