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Châtelet Castle

Belgian Castles

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Châtelet Castle, locally simply known as Le Châtelet, lies near the village of Marbais, north east of the city of Charleroi, in the province of Walloon Brabant in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

When exactly Châtelet Castle was built is unknown. The Lords of Marbais, who built it, were first mentioned in the 11th century, but the castle was first mentioned in 1299.

The Lordship of Marbais was situated on the borders of the Duchy of Brabant and the County of Namur. The lordship was first bound to Brabant until, sensing the growing influence of the Duke of Brabant in the middle of the 12th century, the Lords of Marbais approached the counts of Namur to escape the political grip of the Duke.

In 1554, the troops of King Henry II of France destroyed Châtelet Castle and its lands after which it fell to ruin. In 1600 the castle went from the Lords of Marbais to the t’Serclaes de Tilly family. After that the castle stopped to play a political role and was converted into a farm.

In 1968, excavations and restoration works took place giving the castle its present appearrance.

At present Châtelet Castle is private property and can not be visited. It can easily be seen from the public road. A great castle in a peacuful location.

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