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Boissemont Tower

Belgian Castles

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Boissemont Tower, locally known as Tour de Boissemont, lies attached to a residence in the village of Saint-Géry, in the province of Walloon Brabant in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Boissemont Tower was built around 1238 when Godefroid de Wavre, Lord of Saint-Géry married Marguerite de Gentinnes. It was either next built by him or had already been built by the Gentinnes family. The Gentinnes were vassals of the Lord of Walhain who were owners of the fief of Boissemont.

When, in 1370, Gilles de Walhain died, Boissemont Tower was acquired by the Order of Malta. In 1417 an Arnould de Saint-Géry was mentioned as owner of the tower, then called Bochamont. In 1495 a Jean de Saint-Géry was the last to hold the fief of Boissemont.

At the beginning of the 16th century the tower was acquired by the Baron of Sombreffe, who granted it to the Knights of Pont-Rémy. They built a new residence against the tower, which is the one we see today. In 1670 there was no buyer for the tower and it fell to the village of Saint-Géry. From then on it lost its importance and became used as a farm.

After the last Baron of Sombreffe died in 1822 ownership of the farm went to the farmers themselves.

At present Boissemont Tower is part of a private residence. It can not be visited. Too bad, I am curious about its interior.

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