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Bergkelder Castle

Belgian Castles

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Bergkelder Castle, locally known as Burcht van Bergkelder, lies southeast of the village of Rotem, north of the city of Maasmechelen, in the province of Limburg in the Flemish region in Belgium.

I don’t know anything about its history. I have searched books and the internet but nothing turned up. And, to be honest, I do not even know if this is a real castle or not. I read somewhere that it is a remnant of a medieval keep. Due to its construction I would say it dates back to the early middle ages. But I also talked with a local who said it was nothing more than an ice house for the nearby 18th century Ommerstein Castle. I doubt that because it is built on a slight elevation in the landscape and because its layout and method of construction are similar to other early medieval keeps I’ve seen.

But if you have more info or can prove wether it is a castle or not; please mail me!

The remnant of Bergkelder Castle lies in a field next to a goatfarm. This is private land so access is prohibited. I was told it was now the home of a fox!

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