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Beaufort Castle

Belgian Castles

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Beaufort Castle, locally known as Château de Beaufort, lies on a rock on the southern bank of the Meuse river, west of the town of Huy in the Liège province in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Beaufort Castle was built during the 12th century. It fell under the Principality of Liège and was meant to protect it against the County of Namur. For the Principality it was a strategic, advanced point of defense. Later that century the Lords of Beaufort also acquired Vêves Castle through marriage.

Around 1271, however, the Lord of Beaufort broke off his allegiance with Liège and payed homage to the Count of Namur. From then on Beaufort Castle was a constant threat to the town of Huy, only 5 km away, which still fell under the Principality of Liège. In April 1276, during the War of the Cow, the inhabitants of Huy sieged the castle but without success.

In 1330 Beaufort Castle was acquired by Jean II, Count of Namur, who then gave it to his brother Robert.

In the 15th century ownership of the castle had gone to Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. In 1430 it was sieged again by the inhabitants of Huy. This time the castle fell and was razed to the ground. It fell to ruin and the site was taken over by nature.

Before 1850, the Duke of Beaufort-Spontin, bought the site of Beaufort Castle, which had been the cradle of his family. His descendants still own it.

At present Beaufort Castle is private property and can only be visited on a couple of days in August. Its a very nice, kinda forgotten, ruin with great views over the Meuse river.

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