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Aynechon Tower

Belgian Castles

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Aynechon Tower stands near the village of Rutten, south of the town of Tongeren, in the province of Limburg in the Flemish region in Belgium.

Aynechon Tower is a tower house situated in a depression in the terrain, which can be flooded by damming a nearby stream. Originally the present ground floor would be a cellar only reachable from the first floor. The original entrance to the tower was situated on the east side on the second floor level. This entrance would be reached via a removable wooden staircase.

Aynechon Tower lies only a small kilometer from the, still inhabited, Hamal Castle, which also originated from a tower house.

The castle got its name from one of its former owners; Aynechon, bastard of the Lord of Hognoul and member of the Awans party. This Aynechon played a part in the war between the Awans and Waroux families which ravaged this region from 1290 till 1334. He killed a champion knight, called Faloz, of the Waroux family during a judicial duel in front of the cathedral of Li├Ęge. It is said Aynechon used a ruse; he arrived deliberately late at the place of the duel. This caused his adversary to start fighting already fatigued from waiting in the sun in his armor.

This is about all the historical info I could gather out of books and the internet. If someone has some more, please mail me.

The castle is now situated in the middle of a field and can not be visited.

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