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Aische-en-Refail Castle

Belgian Castles

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Aische-en-Refail Castle, locally known as Château d’Aische-en-Refail, lies in the village with the same name, in the province of Namur in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

The castle was built in the 12th century in the village of Aische on the lands of the Refayt family, close to nearby Walhain Castle.

In 1462 the Vaulx de Refayt family became one of the most powerful families in the County of Namur, by joining together their castle in Aische and various estates to form the seigniory of Aische.

Property of the Du Bois family since 1647, the castle was enlarged between 1760 and 1780 by Simon de Neuf, husband of Philippine du Bois, who added 2 wings, raised the tower, widened the moats, added a new bridge. The bailey, used as a castle farm, dates from the beginning of the Spanish period; the end of the 16th century.

From 1830 on the castle was not permanently inhabited any more and it ceased being inhabited after 1865.

During the war, the castle was damaged and demolished then partly by the new owners. The beams and stones were recovered and used for the embellishment of the bailey or were resold.

At present the castle itself is a ruin and used as storage room for antiques. It can be visited by interested buyers. The bailey is privately inhabited. A nice castle in a quiet rural village.

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