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Waroux Castle

Belgian Castles

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Waroux Castle, locally known as Château de Waroux, lies in the village of Alleur, in the province of Liège in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Waroux Castle was the seat of the Waroux family during medieval times. The are well known for their role in their war against the Awans family, which ravaged the area between 1298 and 1335. And in this castle the Waroux Peace was signed at the end of that war.

In 1515 the castle and its lands transferred to the Mérode family. In 1904 it was sold to the Everard de Harzir family.

I don’t know when the castle was built, but it was probably built before the 13th century because of its circular shape. Its shape makes it rare in Belgium.

The walls of the castle are built out of flint and limestone on the outside and brick on the inside. It has two towers; the gate tower and the opposite square keep. Nowadays there’s only a dry moat in front of the castle.

As far as I know the castle is private property and can’t be visited. When I visited it was my luck that there was some kind of bicycle event so I could visit.

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