Ter Heyden Tower

Ter Heyden Tower

Belgian Castles

Ter Heyden Tower

Ter Heyden Tower, locally known as Donjon Ter Heyden or Ter Heide Toren, stands north of the village of Rotselaar, north of the city of Leuven, in the province of Flemish Brabant in the Flemish region in Belgium.

This moated keep was probably built around 1350 by a Gerard van der Heyden in the Dijle valley. Probably to underline his status; he was bailiff of Brabant and had become noble by marriage. In 1631 the keep was owned by Aarnout van Eynatten en Schoonhoven, Lord of Ter Heiden. He built the house next to the keep. The industrial chimney next to this house is a remnant of the brewery which occupied it until 1939.

The keep is 30 meters high and has an unique floor plan in the shape of a Greek crucifix. It contains six floors connected by a spiral staircase. The keep was built out of local materials; brick and sandstone.

I think this is a peculiar keep mostly because of its unique ground plan. If anyone knows of a keep with a similar ground plan please let me know. It is private property and it can be visited on special days, like National Heritage Days. The first times I visited, I wasn’t able to get in but the last time I was! Only the 2 top floors were off limits because of brooding barn owls. A really unique tower, recommended!

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