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Spontin Castle

Belgian Castles

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Spontin Castle, locally known as Château de Spontin, lies in the village of the same name, in the province of Namur in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Spontin Castle was built by the Lords of Beaufort. Between 1266 and 1289 the first fortification was built by Pierre de Beaufort. In 1289, his son Guillaume II de Beaufort had been rewarded the fiefdom for rendered services from Henry VII, Count of Luxembourg. His descendants called themselves Beaufort-Spontin and they owned the castle until the mid 19th century.

At first this castle was an imposing rectangular keep, on a small island in the middle of the Bocq river. Guillaume II enlarged the castle with towers, curtain walls and a gate building, giving the castle a square ground plan.

In 1429, Spontin Castle was besieged by troops from the city of Liège but they failed to take the castle. In 1465/66 the castle was again besieged. This time by troops from the city of Dinant. They took the castle and destroyed it.

The castle was rebuilt but in 1554 it was taken and dismantled by Francois I, Duke of Nevers and commander of the troops of the French King, Henry II.

Again the owners started to restore Spontin Castle. The brick parts of the castle date back to that building phase, also a fortified bailey was built and used as a farm. This restoration was completed in 1622. By that time the castle had the appearance of a medieval castle but was in fact a manor.

In later centuries Spontin Castle was owned by several noble families. In the late 20th century the castle went to a society who exploited the castle as a hotel and conference center. Apparently mismanagement caused the castle to fall into neglect.

I don’t know what the present use of Spontin Castle is. It looked abandoned to me. A sign at the main gate said it was closed. I don’t know if it is accessible at any other time.

A nice castle. I especially liked its location next to a rapid stream.

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