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Piétrebais Castle

Belgian Castles

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Piétrebais Castle, locally known as Château de Piétrebais, lies in the town of Grez-Doiceau (Graven in Dutch), east of the town of Wavre, in the province of Walloon Brabant in Wallonia in Belgium.

When Piétrebais Castle was built isn’t known. However the Counts of Grez were already mentioned in the 10th century. They may have had a fortification at this site.

From the 12th century on the area is in the hands of the family of the Knights of Grez, who were also sometimes called the Knights of Piétrebais after the stream that runs next to the castle. These knights were sometimes qualified as free men and sometimes as pertaining to the family of the Duke of Brabant.

In 1376-1377 a Lord Englebert de Grez owned “the house of Piétrebais, with its moats…”. At the end of the 14th century the castle passed to the Rivieren and Baillet families.

In 1450 the castle passed to the d’Oultremont family. They sold the castle in the second half of the 17th century to Lamoral van den Berghe. In 1678, his son, Charles van den Berghe, obtained the right to carry the coat of arms of the Limminghe family. The coat of arms of both families adorn the main gate. These families carried out several important alterations to the castle.

Around 1800 the castle was acquired by Charles de Looz-Corswarem, who became a Duke in 1816.

In 1864 the notary Edouard Beauthier bought the castle and restored it. His descendants still own the castle. The castle complex is now divided into two private homes.

A nice castle, especially the medieval keep next to the gate tower. Private property and thus not accessible.

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