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Oupeye Castle

Belgian Castles

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Oupeye Castle, locally known as Château d’Oupeye, lies in the town of Oupeye, in the province of Liège in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

The first mention of a castle at this site dates back to 1176. In the 12th and 15th century the castle suffered great damage due to large fires. The castle was owned by the Lords d’Oupeye, the Prince-Bishop of Liège and several noble families until 1600. In that year the Curtius family became owner of the castle. This was a family of famous weapons merchants out of Liège. The castle was ruinous then but they rebuilt it. Later on the ownership of the castle was fought over in several court cases and even in a real duel. This duel took place on the street in Liège resulting in the death of a Mathieu de Sarolea. After that several families succeeded each other as owners of the castle until the 20th century, when it became the property of the community of Oupeye.

In 1980 the castle was restored and it now serves a cultural function for the local community.

Of the original, 12th century building only the general structure of the keep remains, with its 1.70 meter thick walls. The other buildings date back to the 17th century.

I think this a nice little castle and a stroll in the park beneath the castle offers a great view on it.

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