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Neuville Castle

Belgian Castles

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Neuville Castle, locally known as Château de Neuville, is situated between the villages of Neuville-en-Condroz en Neupré, in the province of Liège in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Neuville Castle was built in the 13th century on the original site of the village of Neuville-en-Condroz. The three circular corner towers date back to the 15th century. Originally the castle was equipped with a draw bridge and would have had a keep.

During the first five centuries the castle was owned by the Dammartin, Marteau and Warnant families. In 1724 Neuville Castle went to the De Lannoy family through marriage, who would own the castle for the next 130 years. They turned the medieval fortress into a comfortable manor; large windows were installed in the facades, the interior was decorated with wood paneling and stucco in Louis XVI-style, a formal French garden was laid out and a new U-shaped moated farm was built next to the castle.

In the 19th century Neuville Castle was owned by Adrien de Lannoy. When he died in 1854, leaving no heirs, the castle went to his wife Marie-Amélie de Tornaco.

In 1914 the German army occupied the castle because they suspected the Baron de Tornaco of communicating their positions to the forts of Flémalle and Boncelle. They ransacked the castle; destroying the furniture or throwing it into the moat, burning the books and the collections of crystal and porcelain were transported to Germany. In 1918 Canadian soldiers stayed in the castle which dilapidated it even more.

In 1940 Neuville Castle was again occupied by German troops. In 1943 the last Baron de Tornaco died here after which the castle was sold. In October 1944 U.S. troops moved into the castle. In December that same year, two German V-1 flying bombs aimed at the castle exploded in the moat, badly damaging the castle.

Later the castle was stripped of all of its valuable materials by several occupants and was abandoned. From 1962 until the 1990’s the castle was used a restaurant and the farm as an equestrian center.

At present Neuville Castle is private property and houses a company. It can not be visited. Too bad.

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