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Montragut Castle

Belgian Castles

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Montragut Castle, locally known as Château de Montragut, lies in the woods on a rocky ridge above the village of Frahan, in the province of Luxembourg in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Nothing is known about the history of Montragut Castle. It is not mentioned in historical records but legend has it that is was home to fairies. It is thought to date back to the early 13th century.

The meager remains of Montragut Castle are situated on a 294 meter high ridge in a loop of the Semois river.

Archaeological surveys in the last century have shown the castle had a rectangular plan following the outlines of the rocks. It had 3 circular, flanking towers and an enclosing wall. Archaeological evidence shows that the castle may never have been finished.

The site of Montragut Castle is freely accessible. It is part of a very nice walking trail called “Crêtes de Frahan”. The remains are very small so this is one for the real castle enthousiast.

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