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Meldert Tower

Belgian Castles

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Meldert Tower, locally known as Donjon van Meldert, stands in the village of the same name, in the province of Flemish Brabant in the Flemish region in Belgium.

Meldert Tower may have been built by a Gautier vander Quaderbruggen after 1341, when he acquired the site from the Lords of Meldert. The tower itself was first mentioned in 1408, when all properties of the latter were acquired by a Hendrik van Wencsele.

In 1433 Meldert Tower was inherited by a Lybrecht van Meldert, who was a notable of the city of Louvain. During the 15th century the tower lost its military function.

In 1568 Meldert Tower suffered from a fire and during the 18th century it fell to ruin.

Meldert Tower is a square keep with a projecting stairtower built out of Gobertange stone, a kind of local grey/white limestone. It was built as a moated site, in a swampy area between 2 arms of the Molen brook. Originally it would have had 2 floors above a cellar, but only the cellar and the first floor remain.

The site of Meldert Tower is freely accessible. The interior of the tower was also accessible when I visited. A nice, somewhat forgotten keep.

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