Hermalle-sous-Huy Castle

Hermalle-sous-Huy Castle

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Hermalle-sous-Huy Castle

Hermalle-sous-Huy Castle, locally known as Château d’Hermalle-sous-Huy, lies in the center of the village of the same name, in the Liège province in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

Hermalle-sous-Huy Castle was built in the 12th century by Michel de Hermalle. In 1315, during the war between the Awans and Waroux families, this castle was destroyed. According to legend this was done with the help of children from the city of Liège who had filled in the moat. The grey, round tower, a piece of wall and the base of the other round tower are said to be the only remnants of this castle.

The castle was rebuilt only to be sacked by the inhabitants of the town of Huy in 1346.

In the following centuries the castle was owned by several families; De Lummen, De Salme, De Horion, De Rougrave, De Goisbeck and De Berlo.

During the 17th century Hermalle-sous-Huy Castle was acquired by Conrad d’Ursel, Count of the Holy Roman Empire. He rebuilt the castle in a local architectural style known as Mosan Renaissance. During the 18th and 19th century there was also rebuilding taking place.

At present Hermalle-sous-Huy Castle is private property and can not be visited. The farm belonging to the castle can be visited but only on weekends. only a small part of the castle can be seen from the public road, too bad, I would have liked to see more.

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