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Herbeumont Castle

Belgian Castles

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Herbeumont Castle, locally known as Château d’Herbeumont, lies above the village of the same name, in the province of Luxembourg in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

In 1268 a Johan de Rochefort built Herbeumont Castle in a trapezodial shape with corner towers, a keep incorporated in the gate building and with simple accommodations.

During the 16th century the castle was altered to meet new standards because of the rise of new artillery; new terraces were laid out as cannon platforms, walls were strenghtened and additional towers were built.

From 1545 the domain of Herbeumont Castle was part of the German Holy Roman Empire and was seen as a buffer against France. In 1558 the castle was besieged by French troops for the first time.

During the 30 Years’ War (1618-1648) the castle was destroyed several times. In 1657 the castle was taken for the last time by Marshal De La Ferté who afterwards dismantled the fortifications on orders of Louis XIV of France.

In the past years the ruins were consolidated and although you can discuss about how this was done, this is still a nice ruin. The castle ruins are freely accessible.

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