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Zellaer Castle

Belgian Castles

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Zellaer Castle, locally known as Kasteel van Zellaer, lies north of the village of Bonheiden, east of the city of Mechelen in Belgium.

Although this castle might look like the real thing, Zellaer Castle surely isn’t a real medieval castle. It was built between 1888 and 1892 by the architect Heugenbaarts from Mechelen on the orders of Baron de Vriere. It was built on the foundations of a real medieval predecessor. This earlier castle was probably built by a Wouter Berthout, Lord of Mechelen. But when; I don’t know.

The present castle is built out of white sandstone taken from the demolished forts of Vilvoorde. It is said that this present castle was built after a castle in the French Loire Valley, but which one is unknown.

The castle is private property and thus not accessible. It is used as a reflection center.

So, although this isn’t a real castle but a 19th century remake, I still like it because it is a beautiful and accurate remake of a medieval moated stronghold.

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