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Raeren Castle

Belgian Castles

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Raeren Castle, locally known as Burg Raeren, lies in the town of the same name, just a couple of hundred meters far from Raeren Tower, in the Liège province in the Wallonia region in Belgium.

In the beginning Raeren Castle formed a single fief together with Raeren Tower, which was the main seat of the fief. At a later date Raeren Castle separated itself to become a neighboring fief.

When and by whom Raeren Castle was exactly built is not known. It was first mentioned in 1474 when it was owned by Jean d’Alensberg, who also built Alensberg Castle. At that time it would have been a tower house much like Raeren Tower.

In the beginning of 16th century the castle was owned by the Krummel de Nechtersheim family. Through marriage it went to the De Lomont family. In 1583 it was owned by a Philippe de Lomont. He radically rebuilt and enlarged the castle; a new residential wing was built against the old tower house and several towers, a ring wall, farm buildings and a gate were added.

In later centuries several other owners followed until 1790 when Raeren Castle was bought by the Schwartzenberg family, who also owned Raeren Tower at that time. In 1791, however, the castle came into the possession of the De Nuys-Von der Gracht family. They held the castle until the beginning of the 20th century.

At present Raeren Castle can be visited as a visitor of the museum for a fee. A very nice castle.

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