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Montjardin Castle

Belgian Castles

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Montjardin Castle, locally known as Château de Montjardin, is situated next to the town of Sougné-Remouchamps in the Liège province in Belgium.

When Montjardin Castle was exactly built is uncertain. There are several sources contradicting each other. But it was probably first built in the 12th or 13th century.

In 1286 John, Duke of Brabant, attacked Montjardin Castle and destroyed it completely. In 1327 John the Blind, Count of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, decided to rebuild the castle. In 1369 the castle was restored and a new residential building was added. In 1492 the castle burned down.

The castle was rebuilt on a rocky outcrop some 60 meters above the level of the Amblève river flowing next to it. A sheer drop on three sides protected the castle and gave it great control over the river valley. On the fourth side was a small courtyard protected by a moat and a drawbridge. The castle itself consisted of a square tower with 2 meter thick walls and an adjoining smaller round tower.

Following the wars between France and Spain, a French garrison occupied the buildings of Montjardin Castle from 1673 to 1676.

During the following centuries several owners passed and Montjardin Castle was modified several times. In 1868 a farmhouse was built in the center of the property by H. Delforge.

In 1927 the smaller round tower collapsed and fell into the river. In its place a square building was erected.

At present Montjardin Castle is privately owned and can not be visited. It can only be seen from the opposite side of the river.

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